Sunday, September 28, 2014


You enjoy camping and you also enjoy the occasional fine Bourbon....
what to do? Well.... you might want to take a look at these incredible
camper trailers. These have the potential to transform your camping trip
into a luxurious adventure..... let's take a look ....

The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody was created by Brad Ford, Moore & Giles
and Bulleit Bourbon.

It was created for Neiman Marcus fantasy gift line for the annual Christmas book.

And for your gambling needs ..... 

And if you were thinking about a Christmas gift for the man who has everything...
this is a good start :)

The Apollo 70 Airstream Bar is also a trailer that has been completely transformed
into a mobile bar...

This one however, can be rented for parties and special events.

It comes complete with a fully stocked bar, televisions and if you wish, a staff to cater
to your guests...

Flashy too....

Reminds me of something straight out of "Saturday Night Fever" ... lol

And it's very colorful.... it's like eye candy .... you certainly will be a hit at any events
you cater with this Apollo 70 Airstream trailer!!

And ok..... I couldn't resist ...... enjoy the song...LOL !!!

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