Sunday, November 23, 2014


At the heart of the Pacific Ocean and far, far away from the rest of the world, lies a
magical Island I call Barefoot Luxury.....

Laucala Island in Fiji ..... What makes this Island so special, you ask?
Well..... let me tell you.....

Laucala Island offers dramatic extreme landscapes: volcanic mountains covered
in tropical rainforest and picture-perfect beaches, untouched mangroves and coral
reefs brimming with Marine life.

The vast majority of the island is an unspoiled wilderness of jungles and coconut
plantations, home to some of the Archipelago's rarest birds and animals.
And although Laucala Island is very small, it's incredibly diverse.

Laucala Island uses it's lush natural bounty, establishing a number of organic farms
and gardens producing fruits, vegetables, herbs and meat for resort restaurants as
well as flowers and spices for the spa.

Their sustainable approach to resort living, not only guarantees flavorful food and
memorable spa treatments, but they also make sure their guests leave with a
genuine insight to Fijian culture.

Laucala Island Resort - beautiful moments ....

The Resort is a down-to-earth ambience with a natural rustic flair that could resemble
a pirate's South Seas lair ... (Captain Jack's lair .... food for thought) ....

A most important feature is the supremely generous design providing ample space
to breath freely. And with the hustle and blustle of our everyday lives, this is a very
much appreciated feature for maximum relaxation.

And of course, the private service team consisting of a maid, chef and butler ...
(just for you ❤) .....

Just let you chef know what your dining wish is for the day..... and VOILA!!

Catering to your wishes is just the way it is ..... really .....

And their well stocked gourmet wine cellar hides exquisite bottled treasures to please
even the most elegant gourmet diner.

Oh.... and one of my favorite things ever.....horseback riding on the beach.... ❤
and exploring the Island...

And despite the sophisticated facilities, the preservation of the Islands unique nature
is of top priority.

Every water sports equipment you can possibly wish for is available here. But really,
this is an Island... snorkeling and diving are simply amazing and encouraged, especially
with an original Fiji outrigger sailing yacht...

Diving legend Jacques Costeau's son, Jean-Michel has often said this is a favorite

Unparalleled beauty ....

Crystal clear waters everywhere you look ....

An 18-hole championship golf course which lies against a backdrop of lush mountains,
the golf course was integrated into the abandoned plantations.

Yes.... I would say this Island is on the top 5 places to visit on everyones list!!