Sunday, January 11, 2015


Since the beginning of time technology has been used to change the world and to alter the manner
of our very existence. In the 21st century, the technological possibilities that lie ahead are also
quite mind bending. The lines of "artificial" and "natural" are blurring by the day, and the limits
on what can and may be possible lessen with each new technical breakthrough and scientific
Whether or not technology changes the world or we choose to change the world with technology
is a matter of sometimes heated but also highly relevant debate. However, what cannot
reasonably be denied is that decisions relating to future technology application will in no small
part shape the destiny of us all.
Let's take a peek ......  :)

Scientist continue their work in the field of robotics, persistently improving and redefining
their capabilities and roles in society. Telerobotics gain more parity with humans, refining
movements and responses..... I'll take one, thank you.....

What if you had a single pen that contained every color imaginable?
The Stylus uses a color census and LED illumination to sample and upload colors
(from virtually anywhere, walls, clothing, books, etc.) and then reverses the process,
allowing you to draw in any color. I'll take one of these too please....

Aquaponics. This Biosphere is sustainable, eco-friendly and energy efficient
(using just 2% of the water and 1/10th the energy of traditional farming).
Aquaponics also encourage farmers to use native fish and plant species
because they require little temperature environmental control.
We should expect to see more of these systems being implemented in the next few years,
and don't be surprised if Aquaponics emerges as the future of healthy food.

The "Scarpar" - is an electric skateboard created by Andrew Fern that dominates any terrain.
Mud, grass, sand, snow - (except water),  the Scarpar is capable of driving over just about
anything, including rock piles and even fallen logs.

Scanmarker is a pen shaped scanner. It can scan any printed text and it appears automatically
in any application on your PC or MAC. You will never need to retype printed text from
documents again so you can focus on your work.

Early last year companies like Samsung and LG decided to present the first curved OLED TV.
This display would have us feel at home as if we were in an IMAX theater.
Flexible and super thin flat panel tv stretches around your living room for an ultimate
viewing experience.

And for a really cool gadget, check out the IPHONE/IPAD Movie projector.
Trying to watch movies on your tiny IPhone screen is no easy task but with the help
of this portable IPhone projector it's a snap! This projector produces crisp 60-inch
media projection on any smooth surface. So small that you can carry it in your pocket.
Streaming video on your IPhone just got a lot more convenient!

The Longboard Stroller combines childcare with skateboarding. Talk about urban mobility!
And a great solution for traveling longer distances in an eco-friendly way while getting
your daily exercise.

The 'Copy and Paste' tool is a portable scanner and printer in one. You move the devise over
whatever you want to scan then scan again where you want it printed. Great concept!

This Solar tent has WIFI a heating floor, it glows in the dark and charges your gadgets.
This could make me change my mind about camping, if I can bring my own A/C  ..... !!

That's it for today, but I will be collecting more amazing gadgets to show you all because
I simply love innovative stuff. So stay tuned..... Have a great Sunday!!!!