Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Are you tired of people telling you this is bad for you and that is bad for you? I am.
But as an Aquarian that I am, I love to prove them wrong.... here are a few things that
are "supposedly" bad for you, but healthier than you might think....

 ICE CREAM!!! ... YES!!!!

Ice cream is a low GI (Glycemic-index) food. This means that it is a slow sugar release
food that keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time than a high GI food. For that
reason, you are less likely to binge after eating ice cream. 75 grams of Ben & Jerry's
Cookies and Cream ice-cream contains only 114 calories compared to a slice of cheesecake
with 511 calories. Furthermore, ice cream is made of milk which contains many essential
nutrients and vitamins. 1 cup of milk contains up to 30% of a man's daily recommended
intake. Other nutrients in ice cream are biotin, iodine, potassium, selenium, vitamins A,
B12, D and K. Studies show a possible link between milk consumption and a lowered
risk of arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease and colorectal cancer.

DIRT!!!!! (bet you didn't see this one coming)

Throw away those rubber gloves! Dirt is back in Vogue!! Remember the days where
kids played in dirt? As it turns out, they were healthier days than our modern sterile ones.
Early childhood exposure to bacteria, viruses and parasites has been found to give a
massive boost to our immune system, making us less likely to get sick when we do come
into contact with various bugs. Research has found that children with a dog in the house
are less likely to suffer allergies and regular social interaction can reduce the risk of
leukemia by up to 30%. Those are statistics not to ignore - so ... go ahead and get dirty!!

STRESS? ..... Yes, stress .....

Stress is universally considered a bad thing - in some cases people have successfully won
lawsuits against companies for work-related stress. But, what most people don't know is
that a little stress goes a long way to making us healthier. In short doses, stress can help
boost the body's immune system. In the first stages of stress (the "alarm" stage - often
known as the "fight or flight" response) the body produces cortisol, a stress fighting
hormone which has many benefits to the body. tress can give a feeling of fulfillment,
when this is the case it is called "eustress" as opposed to "distress".

CAFFEINE!!! ..... and I thought it was bad .... tisk tisk ....

Not only is coffee tasty, it is a mild stimulant with many medical uses. Caffeine contains
a muscle relaxant that is very beneficial to people with bronchial problems, it can
alleviate the symptoms of asthma. Additionally, caffeine releases certain fatty acids
into the blood stream that become s useful source of fuel for the muscles. It even seem
that the only serious side-effect to too much caffeine is a small amount of body weight
loss - a danger if you're anorexic.....

RED WINE!! .... A glass a day keeps the doctor away ... :)

Red wine contains a group of chemicals called polyphenols (once called Vitamin P)
which have been found to be very beneficial for health. They reduce the risk of heart
disease and cancer. Wine ha also been found to be an effective anti-bacterial agent
against strains of Streptococcus (found most often in the human mouth) which can help
reduce infections. Some wine varieties have extra health benefits; Cabernet Sauvignon
appears to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's Disease. In addition to the benefits
already listed, wine is chock full of antioxidants which play a huge role in the health
of the human body. The wines found to have the greatest benefits are found in the South
of France and the Sardinia region of Italy.

CHOCOLATES!!!!! .... Oh My!!! ..... ❤

A a result of recent research into chocolate and health, it appears to be something of a
panacea (cure-all) - coupled with the great taste and mood enhancing properties, it
might be seen as a wonder drug! Cocoa or dark chocolate improves the overall health
of the circulatory system, it stimulates the brain, prevents coughs, prevents diarrhea
and may even be an anti-cancer agent. Like coffee, chocolate is toxic to many animals.
A BBC study indicates that melting chocolate in your mouth increases brain activity
and the heart rate more intensely than passionate kissing, with the effect lasting four
times longer after the activity ends. Eating regular small quantities of dark chocolate
reduces cholesterol and the chances of a heart attack.
Sign me up for some of that medication!!!

CANNABIS ..... yes, I said it .....

Cannabis is said to be beneficial for over 250 conditions. For this reason it is legal on
prescription in a number of Western counties. Cannabis is believed to help with
arthritis, asthma, depression, glaucoma and pain, just to name a few. Cannabis is also
extremely useful in dealing with the side effects of treatments for cancer, AIDS and
hepatitis. Cannabis has been used medicinally for over 3,000 years! Strangely, the
cultivation and use of cannabis is outlawed in most counties. Research has found that
hard liquor is much more dangerous to the human body than cannabis.

Well, there you have it..... of course everything in moderation......