Wednesday, September 17, 2014



Welcome! Come aboard.... we are ready to depart
on another trip... I hope you're in a traveling mood.... :)

When I think of Greece, immediately a picture comes to my mind
of ancient and historical buildings in blues and whites aligning the 
Mediterranean sea with flowers so bright and colorful that one can't
help but try and capture even the smallest frame from your camera. 

Let's take a walk through some of the picturesque streets, shall we?

Nafplio, one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in the area of Argolis,
in Eastern Peloponnese....

And Mykonos.... so beautiful and so easy to access .... the island is connected
with almost every Greek port.

With it's magnificent sunset views, amazing windmills and famous fashion
boutiques...there is never enough time to explore this paradise!!

Santorini....also known as the precious gem of the Aegean.

Did you know that the entire complex of Santorini Islands is still an active
volcano and probably the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea!
Enjoy Santorini's seaside treasures and the deep blue waters and beaches that are
so crystal clear, you would think the boats were floating in the air

Amorgos has a long cultural history and traditions. If you're looking to step off
the beaten track then this island is for you.... here, you are welcomed by the locals
who are more than happy to give you all the information you require...and they
always make you feel at home

Koufonisia Islands are a favorite destination for those who are looking for
relaxation on their vacation. With amazing golden beaches, small natural pools
of turquoise waters and seafood fresh from the will feel just like a 
lifelong islander ... and love every minute of it!!

Athens is the capital and the largest city in Athens and one of the most
desirable destinations in the world due to it's incredible amount of
natural beauty, stunning architecture, popular culture, outstanding
cuisine and great weather.
Athens is also known as "A place where the Gods live" 

Well...we have come to the end of our trip to Greece and have seen some of 
the magic in the amazing cities .... you can certainly be inspired by the love
these people obviously have for their country from the way they take care
of it so proudly. Magnificent place, amazing and friendly people, delicious
cuisine and incredible beaches .... this is the Magic of Greece!!!

Flying over Greece..... see you soon!!  Enjoy the song I posted below!!!!