Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The mysterious moon.... just some pictures I wanted to share .... enjoy!!



Autumn is such an amazing time of year, the colors are rich and so beautiful to look at.
The weather changes and crisp cooler breezes replace the hot humid air. And of course,
the holidays are just around the corner!! And I just LOVE the holidays!! 

I've started, well, it's been in the works for awhile now.... but it's the beginning of a new 
business venture. While I was looking at friends posts on my news feed on facebook last
night, I came across a post from a friend who is also an author of a popular book. 
He said that Autumn was like a fresh start, a new beginning...
and I thought to myself...yes...as the leaves fall from the trees, I shall leave the old behind and
start anew.... that's the main reason for starting this blog actually. First and foremost because
I love bringing you travel stories... I really enjoy creating these stories from scratch and 
taking my audience to new places.... and my Beach Rentals will always be there because there
is always a high demand for rental properties and I do know my rental business very well, and
I have built a solid following because I do my job to the best of my ability, I am always honest
to everyone, and I will always have your best interest in mind. So, Beach Rentals is an established
business and basically runs itself. 
I needed something new, something dear to my heart....and voila!! I created The Wonder Fairy...
not just a blog but candles... scented candles and scented wax melts. All the scents are created by 
moi.... (me..lol..) I love experimenting with different scents and have created some amazing new
scents...like "Michy's Butterfly Kisses" ... "Wicked Thoughts" .... and one of my favorite scents,
"Amelinda Nix" .. my aka name ... :) .....
I have learned much during the "Candle making" process .. for instance..... I now know what
chemicals NOT to use because they are a fire hazard..... whew...... lol....
I find Soy wax to be more natural for the environment and easier to absorb the scents....
I have even been dabbing into real perfumes for candles ... like Miss Dior, by Christian Dior
is an amazing candle smell and it burns wonderfully.... and others ... well... they end up in the
garbage (I have the sweetest smelling garbage in the building) ... but I'm learning..... and 
enjoying every minute of it. My home has so many different scents that I don't know what 
I'm burning anymore.... anyways..... 

The Wonder Fairy Candles
Scents created by: Lori Jones
Coming Soon.....