Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Called one of the most beautiful mountains in the world by many travelers,
 Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Central China's Hunan Province has stunning
views, vertical cliffs like the fascinating cliff-hanging walkway, the glass walk and
the longest cable car ride, making this one of the best national parks to visit in China.

The mountain is best reached by cable car, which takes about 30 minutes and over
7 kilometers. The last part of the cable is very steep, going up at 37 degrees over
sheer cliffs to one of the mountain peaks.

The view from the cable car (which carries 8 people, by the way) is incredible, with
99 sharp curves on a road up,  lush vegetation and deep valleys

The cableway will close with bad weather conditions like thunderstorms and heavy

 The Cliff-Hanging walkway is about 1.6 kilometer long and about 1,400 meter high.
The loop around takes approximately one and a half hours to cross and at the end of the
walkway, there is a hanging bridge linking two peaks. Not for the weak at heart.

The Glass Sky-Walk.... also known as "The Walk of Faith" .... I'm sure you can see why...

On a clear day you can see a sheer drop of thousands of feet below. It gives a thrilling
feeling of walking in the sky. It' interesting to see people who are scared of heights leaning
against the cliff as they cross it.

Tianmen Cave is a large water eroded hole between two peaks (100 feet wide).

To reach the cave, you must take a mini bus and then there are 999 steep and narrow steps
up to the cave. It's a hard and tiresome climb (about 30 minutes)

December to February is the best time to appreciate the snow scenery on the mountain...

An amazing mountain, one trip you will never forget..... 


Monday, September 29, 2014


One of the biggest benefits of vertical gardens is how they manage water. For starters, watering is very efficient as it is done using a drip irrigation system or a hydroponic system. Any waste water is collected at the bottom of the garden in a special tray where it is drained away. Alternatively, it can be recycled and put back on the garden. This means that practically all the water is used up by the plants and there is very little waste. There is also no runoff into stormwater systems so natural waterways are not affected by pollutants that can be found in stormwater or waste water.
As they grow vertically, many pests cannot even get to the plants. This means that you have very little problems with pests attacking your plants so you do not need to use pesticides or insecticides on your plants, saving you using chemicals. As well, air circulates well around the vertical garden and they also get plenty of sunshine, so there is much less risk of the plants suffering from mildew, fungus or disease.
Yet another benefit of vertical gardens is that they improve the air quality of built up areas, both inside the home and outside. This is because plants are natural filters – taking carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with much needed oxygen. They also help to filter pollutants from the air. This means that the air that you breathe is much cleaner and healthier.
When they are installed on the external wall of your home, a vertical garden acts as an excellent natural insulator, making the temperature inside several degrees lower. In fact, a room with a vertical garden can be 7 to 10 degrees cooler than a room without one! This is because the plants and the garden structure itself create a barrier that the sun cannot penetrate through. They also reduce reflective heat and light. What this means is that you don’t have to turn up the air conditioning during the warmer months, so you’re saving money on your electricity bills as well as reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.



The start of a new week... and the weather is still hot, hot, hot..... in the 90's with humidity 
also in the 90's ... can't wait for cooler breezes ... usually October is in the 70's which is
pretty near perfect, especially for taking road trips.... and speaking of trips....
I was working on a story last night but It's not completed yet..... 

Where to? you ask .... Hmmmmm.... 

Bags packed already.... and of course, it's ......

Let's see..... Road Trip? 

Yacht? ....... ? 

Train maybe? Nahh... we did that one already ......

Private jet?

I know what you're thinking..... !! ... hahahaha ...lol.... just kidding ..... 

but seriously..... helicopter?

How about we take the road less travelled ....

How about a hint..... !!!!!

A hint? Damn.... I think I just gave it away..... ever been inside one of these? Incredible ....


Well.... now that you've figured out where we are off to next time..... I only have one thing
left to say ..... :)

Oh.... one more thing .... my photographer will be ready to take amazing pictures..... 
errrrr..... I think......


Sunday, September 28, 2014


You enjoy camping and you also enjoy the occasional fine Bourbon....
what to do? Well.... you might want to take a look at these incredible
camper trailers. These have the potential to transform your camping trip
into a luxurious adventure..... let's take a look ....

The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody was created by Brad Ford, Moore & Giles
and Bulleit Bourbon.

It was created for Neiman Marcus fantasy gift line for the annual Christmas book.

And for your gambling needs ..... 

And if you were thinking about a Christmas gift for the man who has everything...
this is a good start :)

The Apollo 70 Airstream Bar is also a trailer that has been completely transformed
into a mobile bar...

This one however, can be rented for parties and special events.

It comes complete with a fully stocked bar, televisions and if you wish, a staff to cater
to your guests...

Flashy too....

Reminds me of something straight out of "Saturday Night Fever" ... lol

And it's very colorful.... it's like eye candy .... you certainly will be a hit at any events
you cater with this Apollo 70 Airstream trailer!!

And ok..... I couldn't resist ...... enjoy the song...LOL !!!