Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The United States of America..... I love saying it .... repeating it .... living in it ....
the beautiful flag and everything that it represents.... watching it as it sways proudly
in the soft ocean breezes .... yes, I love my country.... I would not want to live anywhere
else on earth than the good old United States of America. For I believe what it stands for.
I believe the responsibility that we have to honor and protect this wonderful country.
This very fair country.
It's funny.... I hear people complain all the time... about, well..... everything..... people
just seem to be unhappy here in the United States of America..... not all people, mind you...
but a good portion of people.... let's see.....
People risk their lives and their families lives to get here, in horrendous conditions, in the
hands of relentless monsters who violate human rights to a degree that most Americans have
no understanding of... or are even aware of what these people go through just to have a chance
at a life most of us take completely for granted. So many are taken, kidnapped, mostly women and children, for human trafficking ....
but let's backtrack a bit..... why do they leave their countries? Why take all these unimaginable
risks to leave the safety?.... of their homes, for unknown pastures? .... because in actuality ....
it is all hearsay to them.... a simple sign of hope? Hope to live free? Hope at a decent life? Hope
of freedom? Hope to be able to speak your mind without fear of persecution? All of the above.

Let's take a look......

South America: The human rights violations in Latin America are atrocious. Like in
Colombia with disappearances, kidnappings, extra-judicial executions and torture which
have reached epidemic proportions. Peru, where hundreds of innocent people continue
to be jailed in inhuman conditions falsely accused of "subversive activities". And
throughout South America, human rights violations include police brutality, inhuman
living conditions, law officials looking the other way a they fatten their pockets. And a
common violation is the lack of investigations should you be accused of committing a crime.
Often thrown in an unimaginable, deplorable jail hole for the minor, petty crime of stealing
something to eat. While the real criminals get impunity for the most dire human rights violations.

Africa: Where human rights abuses are occurring on a minute by minute basis, sexual and
gender-based violence is a regular phenomenon and the right for peaceful assembly and
freedom of expression are denied. Where state-sponsored violence has included unlawful killings, grossly excessive use of force, assault, sexual violence, extortion and drug and human trafficking.
Thousands of people are dying at the hands of soldiers and militia gangs. Boys and girls as young
as 7 are press-ganged into fighting, and beheadings and public execution-style killings are an
everyday occurrence.

Middle East: Barbaric acts of beheading, crucifixion, rape and infanticide are everywhere.
Syria was once a place where Christians and Muslims lived as neighbors and today is an
arena for horrible atrocities.

Asia and the Pacific: Serious human rights violations are committed daily, including
torture, execution (in which China is world leader) excessive use of force by public
officials, repression of dissent and forced repatriation of asylum seekers often
resulting in long term prison sentences following unfair trails.
The death penalty continues to be used in many countries, often after unfair trails,
for crimes that include economic offenses.

Europe: Across Europe, human rights continue to be casualties in the "war on terror".
Racism, discrimination and violence in interethnic communities and people with
mental disabilities. Violence against women has reached epidemic proportions in Russia,
and thousands of women are trafficked annually to the West from former USSR states.

Cuba: Political and civil rights are severely restricted by Cuban authorities. Government
critics are imprisoned and beaten. Freedom of association and assembly are prohibited.
Living conditions are implorable, food is strictly limited and a food card regimen is
in place. There is no such thing as "human rights" in Cuba.

Brazil: Deep frustrations with inflation, unjust policies and continuous corruption.
Haiti: Continued violence is the result of deaths and mass exodus of refugees.
Mexico: Uncontrollable violence, assaults, murder, rapes and corrupt public officials.
Guatemala & El Salvador: Mass abductions and murder. Uncontrollable human and 
drug trafficking.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is terrifying.
They have carried out mass executions, random killings, public crucifixions, amputations
and beheadings across Syria and Iraq where it wants to establish a Sunni Islamic caliphate
governed under strict Sharia law. They are considered so extreme that core Al Qaeda moved
to distance itself from it earlier this year suggesting the group is too violent.

Really.... do I have to go on? ... because I can. It's never ending.

So.... back to the original question.... Why do people risk their lives to come to the
United States of America?
Because they are not as lucky as we are .... we are privileged to be here, the best country
in the world, the most hated and envied country in the world. The country with true 
opportunities for those who are willing to work for them. The land of the free.... we ARE free,
free to choose, free to speak, free to move around, free to love whom we wish without fear of
A country who takes care of it's senior citizens and provides finance and medical.
A country who provides for families and the unemployed by giving them food 
stamps, Medicaid and financial assistance as well as help with the rent and utilities,
(which some people, may I add, take advantage of). 
A country with fair judicial systems. 
A country that steps in and defends Human Rights laws in the rest of the world.

Ok.... the United States of America is not perfect.... there are many things that need
to be addressed.... but it is fair and accommodating and gives you many opportunities
to succeed and have a chance at living a normal life, a good life.

A while back a I was going through my news feed on facebook, I started following a
conversation that caught my eye.... A girl... Michelle.... beauty on the outside.... God
knows what's on the inside..... somewhere around New Orleans.... but not 100% sure.
Her and another girl were chatting about immigrants.... "They should all be sent back
to where ever they came from" she said ....
"Yeah, they are taking away our jobs" said the other, and on and on it went.....
I laughed and thought to myself .... what an ignorant remark.... what ignorant individuals.

Unfortunately, there are is a huge amount of people here, in the United States of America,
who think just like that..... and I ask them.... where is your heritage from? Because the 
only real Americans are the indians..... and we all know how that ended up....

The United States of America is not racists .... it caters to all individuals. 
"And justice for ALL" 

Yes, I do love my country.... One Nation under God ....

The United States of America....