Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dear Dr. Huxtable,

Through most of the 80's I, and as I'm sure millions of devoted fans, watched the
Cosby Show, about an upper middle class African American family living in Brooklyn,
New York.  It was wonderful to think that racism and poverty were problems of the
past, and no longer affected us, as the show made me feel.
Although The Cosby Show was in most part a comedy, it also dealt with serious subjects,
and Dr. Huxtable handled the problems of his children, which were also the
problems of society at the time with wit and sensibility.
Dr. Huxtable, you were an inspiration to many. I looked up to you. You were a
champion amongst men. You were everything a father should be.
I refused to believe this woman whom I thought was looking for her 15 minutes
of fame accusing the great Dr. Huxtable of such an act. Preposterous. After 30 years?
Really? Money hungry accusations of a desperate soul.
Innocent until proven guilty.
Then another woman came forward, and another ....... Dr. Huxtable, please say
something, I thought as I watched the interview. But he just shook his head.
Please, I believe in you......I know this can't be true...... you're the man...... silence.
More women came forward, this was no longer anyones 15 minutes, but a true reality,
an ugly, disgusting act of betrayal ..... why Dr. Huxtable? you had were
loved and respected by millions of people including myself. Why?
Mr. Bill Cosby, you've shattered an illusion ... a respect so deep ... broken in a million
pieces ... as I look around me in disgust, I think to myself... what is this world coming to?
You are no longer the great Dr. Huxtable to me. You are Bill Cosby. Only Bill Cosby.
No idol. No champion. No inspiration. Nothing........

Only God can judge you? He will..... Oh, He will.....