Sunday, December 14, 2014


Christmas time.... decorations, lights, anticipation, children, presents :) ...... family .... but most
important is the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ's birthday.... the holidays bring such 
incredible feelings of love, unity, goodwill.... seems everyone wants to do good, to be good,
giving to the less fortunate, donating toys for children, food baskets for the poor.... yes, this 
time of year seems to bring out the "best in us" ..... my favorite thing to do since I was a child
growing up in Chicago was to see the holiday lights and decorations. My mom would gather 
us all in her station wagon (yes, the one with the wooden planks on the sides, lol ... ) and we 
would go driving through the neighborhoods and admire the pretty Christmas decorations 
with Christmas music blasting from the speakers .... then stop at White Castle for those mini
burgers and hot chocolate with the little marshmallows inside...... ahhhh memories...... 
So, with no further ado ..... let's check out some amazing Christmas decorations ...... ❤

 Ice-covered fairground in Kazakhstan....

My home, of course ..... :) 

Christmas in New Orleans Square

 What Christmas is really all about ... ❤❤❤

Grandmother Betty Ann Jones has turned her home into a winter wonderland...amazing!!

Christmas in Oxford Street, London

Christmas Lights ~ Lille, France.

Christmas tree in O'connell Street Dublin, Ireland

A city block on Bernville Pennsylvania

No one does it quite like Disney World, Orlando.... this is definitely something to see in person...
Main Street ...

Gardens by the Bay's Christmas wonderland...

Global Winter Wonderland - Sacramento

Global Winter Wonderland's Enchanted Castle
Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, Harbin, China

Just around the corner from Sonoma State University, a regular house is transformed into a large Christmas castle–covered in lights and cartoon 

London at Christmas Time

Luminaries, Garden by the Bay

Marqueyssac Gardens - Vézac, France

Monte Carlo, Monaco

New York City, New York

So cute.... just had to share this one :) ...


San Antonio Riverwalk in Texas

Winter Wonderland at Petco Park San Diego

Yuletide in the Flower Dome

Giving is the spirit of Christmas... please donate a toy for a child this Christmas and put a smile
on their face.... your heart will thank you ... ❤