Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Good Morning!!! 

Are you ready for a little adventure? ..... Well then, make sure you pack a couple of
swim suits because you will need them here!!

There is nothing like the feeling of flying in a seaplane....so amazing!!
You can feel the excitement as you're getting ready to land in the water...

The Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island is truly an incredible place. 
From Junkanoo activities and spectacular sporting events to mouth-watering
celebrations of rum...there is always something going on in paradise!!

There are stingray experiences, shark adventures, swimming with dolphins,
scuba diving,  snorkeling and even snuba!! (experience the undersea life without
being certified). There are pools, there are slides, beautiful beaches, jet skis, parasailing,
boating and there is even a special "squirt" program for the little ones.

A safe way so have a close encounter with a shark .... I don't know about you...but
ever since I saw JAWS... my beach life has never been the same.... lol...

All you need is to relax....it's an island full of history and culture...life is easy.... english
is spoken,  American dollars are welcomed....the weather is beautiful and the people are

Let's hop over to Blue Lagoon Island, or it's official name Salt Cay. swimming in the 
hidden lagoon with hundreds of palm trees surrounding you and lunch al-fresco!!
An amazing island experience!

Oh yeah!!! I'll have a Mango Collada please ...... make it a double !! :)

Over the bridge we go into Nassau.... the best way to go you ask? why .... mopeds!!
That's right... best way to get in and out of tight spaces and check out the caves.....

I'll race you!! ... Nah.... we all observe the speed limits and road rules here, it's always
best to have respect everywhere you visit.... it shows class ... 

The caves in Nassau are an amazing sight to see...you must be careful how deep inside
you go for there are several paths and you might get lost.

Picture perfect scenery, even amateurs can take great pictures....just aim and shoot... lol...:)

The coloring on some of these caves are amazing.... from generation to generation, 
some of these caves have been here for hundreds of years.

How about some fishing? Boring you say? .... not in these waters.... it takes two,
three people sometimes to handle these babies....

Aaaaahhhh!!!! Willie, Willie, Willie..... dinner will certainly be amazing tonight ... but please,
keep them away till dinner!!!

A little adventure underwater is what we need...interesting way to view the undersea life...
I like it!!

Some surf-sailing in pristine clear beaches....

Bicycling in wavy surf makes it just that more challenging.... I'm always ready for an
adventure... let's go, go, goooooo!!!!!

Ever try this? ... neither have I .... let's try it!!

Nothing like a beach massage after a day of exploring and adventure.... getting some rest
for the evening festivities!!

Party time!!! The carnivals in downtown Nassau are so full of color and so much fun!
I just love to get lost in the rhythm of the steel drum bands...

The performers are so entertaining ...they sure know how to get you moving to the music...
just dance like there's no one watching!!

Do the Limbo Jack!! How low can you go!! .... :) ... and after a few Mango Coladas....
I can go pretty low!!! lol....

No evening is complete without trying your luck at one of the many casinos in the area...
Will lady luck be ringing your slot bell??? 

Or a little dancing in the moon light.....

Almost day break... time to retire to my undersea suite...which is out of this world...or
should I say ... under this world... either way...it's simply amazing!!

It has been an incredible trip...but we must return home tomorrow....

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas.... it is such an amazing place to
visit... never a dull moment....and the locals make you feel like you belong there.....

Until the next time .... have an incredible day.... and never stop dreaming!!!

This video is part two of my "Amazing Adventures" video collection that I have made for my YouTube channel .... each video is unique and takes you on amazing journeys. I will be adding 
more of them on my blog in the near future..... ENJOY!!!

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