Monday, September 15, 2014


I was a teenage tour guide at Walt Disney World and I will share with you some time saving tricks .....

1. Purchase your tickets in advance.
    If you belong to a travel club like AAA you will save on your ticket price as well
    as saving time when you arrive at the park and the lines for ticket purchase 
    are long. You can also purchase them online directly at Walt Disney World,
    I have included the link for your convenience. If you are a Floridian ... don't forget
    to ask for their Florida Residents Specials...
2. Get to the park EARLY....
     This is very important and time saving, especially if you stay in a resort within
     the kingdom - you get an extra hour in the morning, before they let everyone 
     else in :) ... be in line with the tickets already in hand. Go to the most popular 
     rides first before the lines get long. 
     Use FASTPASS whenever possible to make an appointment to get in the
     shorter line. Ride during parades if you do not mind missing as many people
     stop to see the parades. 

3. Schedule your vacation to Disney World during their low seasons (if possible)...
    The best times to visit the parks are as follows:
     A. January to mid February - immediately after the new year (also the best rates)
     B. Autumn - from end of August to mid December (excluding Thanksgiving weekend)
     C. After Easter to mid June is a great time to visit.
     During their lower seasons, take advantage of their "Free Dining Plans" and all
     the incredible Disney Deals.
     The holidays are the worst time to visit, the lines are extremely long, the prices are 
     sky high and hotels are booked months (sometimes years) in advance.
     For those of us that love the Christmas holidays.... the Disney Parks are decorated
     the entire month of December....if you visit before the holiday rush, you will experience
     all the lights and the festivities if the amazing holiday season!!

4. If everyone is going right.....go left :)


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